Our Volunteers

Our Virtual Volunteers are the heart and hands of FurKidz!

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea liases with the AWS in Hermanus
  • Ben
    Ben takes care of all Husky Rescue Listings
  • Jill
    Edith makes sure ProjectDogs listings are up to date
  • Tarryn
    Tarryn is responsible for all our AACL listings
  • Amy
    Amy is our listings coordinator

Our Virtual Volunteers are in constant contact with our Partner Shelters and manage all our FurKidz listings. They know all our FurKidz, the anxious newcomers, the patiently waiting longtermers, the sad re-turners and of course the happy home-goers.

Our Virtual Volunteers keep all of us in the loop, they are caring and compassionate go-getters who tell the stories of South Africa's shelter dogs and cats.

If you would like to do the same, click here to see which vacancies we currently have and choose the one that suits you best, we would love to hear from you!